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Meanwhile, not all property owners are fond of patterns. Some would prefer color variations instead. If you feel the same way, you can instead opt for concrete staining. Rather than patterns, it focuses more on the color. Almost every Concord concrete company offers this service.

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If you’re thinking that concrete staining is the same with concrete painting, well we’re here to prove you wrong. With concrete painting, the color remains on the outer layer of concrete. Whereas with concrete staining, the color penetrates through the layer of concrete. Because of that, it has a luminous glow instead of the solid effect from concrete painting.

With this type of concrete service, the color plays a significant role in the make or break of the end result. Make sure to choose a color that best fits your property’s color palette. If you are hesitant about doing it on your own, you can seek the help of our associates to help you pick out the best color for your property. The most popular color choices include pastel colors, neutral tones, deep colors, and earth shades. We also provide other options should you wish to opt for brighter and more vivid color options.

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